Fashion & Beauty 2020

FFP, the “creative film production company,” was founded by Cannes Gold Lions winner Rasmus v. Gottberg and Monika Schwinger. Located in Vienna, the heart of Europe, FFP productions has become one of the number one places to call.

We produce mobile content, TV commercials, videos (including 360’ content), along with augmented and virtual reality experiences – all at the highest level.

If you require just our production services, you will also get the latest technological know-how in the industry. Our vast TVC experience combines beauty, storytelling, cars and people.

Whether it’s for corporate or 360 immersive experiences, we will help you attain the results you require. And our testimonials endorse this.

We work with various agencies and clients developing concepts and social media strategies as well as integrated branded campaigns. We produce Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo or Facebook productions for every type of advertising agency, client, or production company. Transparency, cost-efficiency and a high-quality standard have enabled us to produce for clients around the world.